10 Common API Errors

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What’s Hiding in Your APIs?

There are 10 common gotchas that can quickly turn a well-intentioned API into a bad "culinary" experience. Much like a chef, developers create and deliver APIs that make or break a five-star customer experience. What can you do to avoid these common API scenarios?

  • Forgetting something as little as the seasoning, a simple “s” can cause unwanted API surprises, redirects and problematic status codes.
  • Ever try get a table at a popular restaurant in New York at 7pm without a reservation? In the same way, some APIs require ‘authorization’ vs. ‘authentication.’
  • A good waiter will find out what’s wrong with your order and quickly correct the problem. Similarly, a good API error message can do the same.
  • You would never just assume a waiter or chef was aware of your dietary restrictions, right? It’s the same with APIs when assessing information sent or received between clients and servers.
  • You ordered Mac and Cheese, but the server gives you nachos instead. It’s the same scenario when an API returns a HTML error page instead of the JSON you expected.

10 Common API Errors

Building a secure, resilient, supportable and highly performant API is no free lunch. Yes, we need to embrace the productivity benefits of new tools but without compromising API business goals. A great Chef balances creativity with a fixation on detail and continuous taste testing. Likewise, we need to deliver valuable API documentation, succinct error messages and great support. Learn how to avoid the 10 Common API Errors and obtain the tools you need to meet your developer’s expectations in this free whitepaper.

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