General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Runscope is a CA Technologies company, and as such we follow the same standards and terms set forth by them. We're taking all the necessary steps in order to be GDPR compliant. If you want to know more about our GDPR commitments, click here.

CA Technologies believes privacy and protecting data are core aspects of trust in today’s Modern Software Factory. We take our own data protection commitment to you and your customers very seriously. We are acutely aware that we need to earn and maintain your trust on a daily basis.

The GDPR is a far-reaching new law that will come into effect on May 25, 2018. Its objective is to further strengthen data protection for individuals and to harmonize the law in this area across the European Union (EU). Enforcement of the regulation will be backed by heavy fines.

CA views the GDPR as a core part of the global trust framework. We want to outline our commitments to you regarding our own GDPR implementation.

What CA Is Doing to Be Compliant

CA has a global privacy team, led by our Chief Privacy Officer. We already have robust processes in place across the world to ensure your data and that of your customers is protected and treated in line with global laws and regulation. We have worked on ensuring that our existing data practices globally are in line with the new requirements in the GDPR.

View our Privacy Statement to learn more about how we handle your data.

What We Are Doing to Ensure You Can Use CA Products in a GDPR-compliant Manner

The GDPR is focused on organizational compliance instead of product-level compliance. However, we attach the utmost importance on how we build our products and have adopted a Privacy and Security by Design approach. Our products are designed with privacy and security in mind and as a core component of our development process.

As a data controller, you will need to ensure you are compliant with your own obligations under the GDPR. However, if you buy a CA product, we aim to ensure that you can use our products in a GDPR-compliant manner, helping you to satisfy your obligations under the GDPR. For example, we design our products to facilitate data minimization and provide better insight into and control over your data flows in order to make it easier for you satisfy your GDPR obligations as a data controller.

GDPR Compliance Is a Shared Journey—Your Feedback

We also constantly take on board customer feedback regarding features in our products, including regarding their GDPR compliance journey. For example, we have integrated a feature in our CA PPM product that supports you in your efforts to respond to data subject right requests, such as the deletion of personal data. Let us know if there are other ways we can further improve our products supporting you on your GDPR compliance journey.